Monday, February 2, 2009


as clap traps snap
so the noses turn up
sniffing and twitching against the
deep tissue burn of coal dust
blackened catfish sliding
down blackened throats

a frailty experiment!
glees the respected scientist
mister robert h. madgin
most respected of his class
most lauded of his family
most eligible bachelor 1972

as the earth churns and spins
their skins will stretch and polish
in just such a beautiful way!
yanked taut over tensile sinew
till the veins and throbs hold
straight through the men's slumber

Saturday, December 6, 2008


crackling against the divide
when the sirens come to call
striving amidst the contrived
when lemmings keep dropping to hell

thumping by water shores
and swirling in deep deep
five alarm fire sirens sweep
where the legends are all asleep

swooning horns and sweet reed harps
swing a soulful tune
harkening back to those days of old
when home was true for you

Friday, December 5, 2008


how do despots rule the day?
how do they fire their whole array?
why do the fireworks bomb away?
when scurrilous warlords swing and sway?

where is the man who minds the keep
so sure that evils have no leak
by which to exploit the armaments deep
and to see those damnable warlords meek

fervor and bloodshed comes with the slough
as men shoot shot and mind the cows
while women turn in shameful bows
there is no life for commons now.

Friday, November 14, 2008


vagaries where the sun hits salt
lying under the crest
cause madmen run like
fires and diamonds

it's hard for darker
snacks to catch
shine the light on
them and they catch all
the heat like the inside
of a mazda 626
cigarette burns and smell
when you want to get home
hanging in the air
on the way to your marine bungalow

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


empty as heads and
souls upon the mauritania
clawing for earnest winnings
as the rearing black boar
circles in a way to
enhance effervescent dread

standing tall as
cunning, swirled brass
twist up like a lash of
eucalyptus, whole time
foiled with the 
dirty and sinful way

marker stop, point, point
fervor over miami
moon over manhattan crying
scheck crossed up on the
back of the broadway through

marvel at blackbeard
churning the souls
water bottle bedpan boils the soup
and whenever forever

Sunday, October 26, 2008


this is where i live
i won't be cut short
ringing in my ears when i
trot down the lane

how're you doing now
under cerulean skies
a whiffle ball bat
and a potato sack
a ragamuffin's best friend

simple pleasures
in the crook of a small town
there's no joy greater
than stargazing from where you're known

i'll make my own way
strident as i'll be
firing all your shots at once
a depleted soul you'll be

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


subterranean aquarium
that i don't live in
but i'd sure like to
all backlit with pleasant, soft
warming colors
stringrays against dim purple hue
sharks doused in amber
i'll sleep in a studio bedroom 
near the entrance
on a thin flat mattress